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Reading Self Study

"SOLA helps those who help themselves"

This will be a totally independent study program. It will be up to you how well you do with it. The more material you read, the better you will do on the TOEFL test and in English speaking colleges. Material chosen for this course are considered "popular culture," that is, what is being spoken about in mainstream American media.  The purpose is to have you engage with American culture because it's so vast and complex and many viewpoints come forth.

These readings will change as we add more.  The goal is to have you, the students, also add to this list readings that you find on your own.  Another goal is to have students and members of the SOLA community engage in online discussions of ideas we find in our readings (this is upcoming and being built).

Thus, the readings will be grouped by "General Topic Areas," such as "education," "economics," "entertainment," "sports," "classics of American thought,"  and so on.  We, again, will add more categories as we evolve this section.

Classics of American Thought



Environmental Issues


Newspapers and Broadcasters

Guided Self Study Reading - progress report

- Record your progress as you complete the lessons outlined above:

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