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Math courses

Welcome to SOLA's online math classes! 
The math classes offered are algebra 1 and algebra 2. After taking a placement test which is located on the algebra 1 / 2 page, you will be assigned to one of these classes.   Once you have been placed in a class, you will begin working in the appropriate textbookl.   As you work through sections of the textbook, each member of  your group will select five different problems to work through.  Once everyone has finished their five problems, you will share your work with the other members of your group.  At the end of each section, log into the textbook website, and complete the quiz for that section.  If you are successful, you will move on to the next section.  If you are having difficulty, you can post questions to the math discussion group.  Students from St. George's School and St. Paul's School will respond to your questions.  At the end of each chapter, take the online unit test.  All online quizzes and tests can be found under "Useful Links" on the Algebra 1 / 2 page.
If you are in Algebra 1 you should work through chapters 1 through 10.  In  Algebra 2, work through chapters 1 through 8. (The Pre-Calculus course follows Algebra 2.)
If you want to challenge yourself, try the problem of the week.

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  • Algebra 1 / 2 - This course is developed by Linda Evans, Mathematics Teacher at St. George's School.

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Work hard and have fun!  Remember, practice will lead to your success.

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